How much does it cost to make a company video?

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February 23, 2017
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How much does it cost to make a company video?

Videos come in all shapes and sizes. Budgets are typically determined by production value, length of the final video and where it will be used.

To keep costs in line with your budget you will want to have as much photography, animations, logos, and other digital assets on hand, as this drives costs up having to obtain them. Having all assets at the time of script development will be critical in a smooth cost effective video shoot. Other things that drive costs north of proposed budgets are: professional voice over’s, copyrighted images, stock photos/video or REVISIONS.

Revisions are deviations/changes from the original approved script. Changes to a script after approval, is one major reason why costs increase. Why is this? Planning asset acquisition takes time. (Filming, story boarding, photos shoots, models, etc..) If the script changes, then some hard work has been thrown on the cutting room floor and still must be billed for because time has already been allocated.

Make sure you have everyone in the room that has an interest in the video and its final outcome. Get all input on script development and in the revisions, AT ONE TIME. Don’t send revisions piecemeal as they come in. One document with all changes will insure all elements are taken care of at one time and won’t fall through the cracks. The synergy of having “group think” will allow for a better more comprehensive video that will fit everyone’s needs.

Professional voice overs are relatively inexpensive these days. $100-200 but the professionalism will help you in the end. No “ums, ahs, you knows” Plus to have a certain type of voice, Bass 2, Australian, motherly, etc.. will distinguish you from others.

Production value is the amount of special effects, and custom text, audio syncing and creative visuals that go above and beyond a standard production. More money, more quality time spent on the final visuals to make them look their very best. So start with a budget in mind and work backwards. it will save everyone time and money.

Finally, ask for the largest possible size you would need of your video, as each rendering costs computer time and delays. Better to have the larger video and then make it smaller than trying to do it the other way around.

Happy filming.   

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